EZYGET Online Casino Malaysia Give Out RM100,000 Free Mobile Prizes in COVID-19 Period

COVID-19, unfortunately, has closed many businesses including ground casinos. A lot of players are missing the fun games that a casino has for players to access. Fortunately, there are online casinos in Malaysia that players can enjoy while they are stuck in their homes and away from work, family, friends, and others. EZYGET has an online casino that many players love. While this epidemic is putting a hold on many people’s day to day life, players and new users can log on to EZYGET and start playing fun games while earning some extra money on their phones, computers, and any other electronic device.

With the current epidemic causing people to stay home away from their regular ground casino, current and new users can log onto EZYGET and start playing to earn money. This can be done from computers, phones, tablets, and just about any electronic device. In the spread of this pandemic, EZYGET is offering a free mobile prize of RM100,000. Anyone can enter to win this mobile prize by logging on to EZYGET and start playing online games. People are now starting to register with their site everyday and are starting to play.

What They Have to Offer:

EZYGET has an online casino in Malaysia that has a variety of casino games. Just to name some they have sports betting, e-sports, slots game, fishing game, 4D lottery, and many other live casino games for players to access. They even have an option online for new users to use the free credit to learn how to play our games and learn a strategy that can land them a win on some real money. They offer many games for our users during this pandemic outbreak.

During this outbreak, EZYGET is offering a RM100,000 mobile prize in support of their players during this outbreak. This is real money that will be offered to many lucky players during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Online casinos have become really popular amongst players during this time and EZYGET wants to thank their players for choosing their platform by doing this mobile prize. All any player has to do to get a chance at winning this mobile prize is create an account with EZYGET and start playing one of the many games on their site.

EZYGET app can be downloaded on any apple or android device including new phones such as iPhone 11, Samsung 10e, and many more. It can also be downloaded on an iPad. Pick a favorite handheld device and download the app to start playing.


The safety and security of their user’s personal information is a top priority at EZYGET. The development of security systems has improved greatly as technology grew in the past few years. Now, that gives us the ability to guarantee the safety of our users on the platform without having them run into any hacks or scams. They can safeguard from this with 100% accuracy. Players can enjoy the best online casino experience from home. They take pride in an efficient and secure payout system. They can ensure that their player’s computers and other devices will be free of issues and stay perfectly safe during their online experience with no pesky ads.

They highly recommend our users to check our online live casino guides before jumping into their games. This way you will already have a feel of how their games look and operate online. Get used to the mechanics of placing your online bids and start getting your wins. Make sure to always access our sites with a secure EZYGET login to avoid any online scams at our online casino in Malaysia.

Their Support Team:

EZYGET is the best Malaysia online betting website available. They have all of our activities for players all in one place that can be accessed all over the world. However, just because their services are all online and accessible from home, does not mean their users are alone. They have a customer service line available to chat 24/7 for whatever problems you may run into while going about your online sportsbook experience. Our representatives can answer many basic questions you may have about our site and services on EZYGET. The most important thing our customer service has to offer is giving our users a direct lifeline if any glitches occur during your betting experience. All of your problems will be solved with utmost care. Just let them know about your problem. They are always ready to help you. Again, please do not hesitate to reach out to them!

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